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HALO Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When can I apply for Halo?

A: The applications open at Midnight on Monday, October 2nd, 2023 and close at 4 pm on Monday, November 20th, 2023

Q: Where do I apply?

A: Using QR Code provided on this flyer or

Visit charities-of-Ashtabula-county/ and select the red button that reads HALO Application or

Calling to schedule an appointment 440-992-2121 EXT 7030, please leave name, number and email address in your message.

Q: What if I don’t have internet access?

A: The same device can be used to complete and submit multiple applications for different households. Additionally, paper applications are available at Catholic Charities of Ashtabula County, 4200 Park Ave Floor 3, Ashtabula OH 44004. If you do not have internet access and can not complete a paper application, please call 440 992 2121 ext 7030

Q: What do I need to apply?

A: Please submit one application per household. You will need to upload proof of income of the past 30 days, the State issued ID or driver’s license of the applicant, and custody paperwork if applicable. Additionally, the names, birthdates and social security numbers are needed for all members of the household. Incomplete applications will not be accepted.

Q: Who does HALO serve?

A: Single individuals and households with or without minor children living in Ashtabula County. We will cross reference your application with other Christmas Programs (i.e. Asa’s Angels, G.O. Ministries, etc.). If you are receiving services from another Christmas Program, this may disqualify you from the HALO Program.

Q: Are there income guidelines?

A: Yes. You must be below 138% of the Federal Guidelines for 2023

  • For each person over 8 add $428.33 per person to monthly income

  • For each person over 8 add $5,140 per person to annual income

Q: I submitted one completed application with all the necessary documents uploaded. What should I expect next?

A: If you are adopted, the adopter will contact you directly by phone or email. It is your responsibility to check voicemails and emails and communicate directly with the adopter. They may choose to block or restrict their phone numbers.

If you are not adopted, you will receive an email between December 4th and December 7th with the subject line HALO. This email will contain pick up instructions as well as an identifying number. Sharing day is December 14th at Our Lady of Peace (Mount Carmel) 1200 East 21st Street, Ashtabula, OH 44004. All gifts must be picked up on December 14th. Multiple pick-ups per vehicle are allowed provided there is space in the vehicle. Alternative people may pick up (friend, family, case manager) provided they have the identifying number or email.

We will cross reference and coordinate with other Christmas Programs (i.e. Asa’s Angels, G.O. Ministries, etc.). If you are being served by another Christmas Program, this may disqualify you from HALO.


Catholic Charities of Ashtabula County

4200 Park Ave Floor 3

Ashtabula OH 44004

440 992 2121 x 7030 charities-of-Ashtabula-county/

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Feed the Hope 2023

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5917 West Avenue
Ashtabula, OH  44004


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Free Ohio ID's for Non-Drivers

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