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Social Services

What is the Social Services program at ACJFS?

  • All Social Services at ACJFS are designed to maintain or improve the quality of life of the clients we serve

  • Social Service programs are in addition to public assistance programs such as Cash, SNAP, and Medical Assistance

Who do Social Services programs serve?

  • Individuals and families who are low-income

  • Individuals receiving Social Service programs may also be receiving public assistance

What are some of the Social Service programs ACJFS offers?

  • Joining Forces

  • Adult Protective Services (APS)

  • Various services through contracts

Adult Protective Services

What is the Adult Protective Services program?

  • ACJFS is mandated by state law to receive and investigate reports of abuse, neglect, and exploitation of adults age 60 and older

  • APS also provides services that prevent, solve, or reduce situations that endanger older adults.  The services are meant to maximize independence

Who can receive services through APS?

  • Adults age 60 and older

  • Must be suffering from some form of cognitive or physical impairment that prevents them from providing for their own care or protection

What should I do if I suspect someone is a victim of elder abuse?

  • There are several ways you can report the abuse to the APS Department at ACJFS: 

  • Call the APS direct line at (440) 997-7777

  • Call the 24/7 Statewide APS hotline at 855-644-6277


  • The name of the person reporting suspected abuse is always kept confidential; however, anonymous reports are also accepted.

Where can I go for more information?

Adult Protective Services
Title XX

Title XX

What is Title XX?

  • Title XX of the Social Security Act provides funding to counties for local social services programs to preserve families. The funds are used to strengthen, restore, maintain, or improve the participant’s ability to be self-supportive and independent. There are 31 social services available under the Title XX program.

Title XX Goals

  • Federal Legislation has established five national goals which are stated in broad general terms. The purpose of the Comprehensive Social Service plan is to provide social services directed at one or more of the following goals:

    1. Self-support – Achieving or maintaining economic self-support to prevent, reduce, or eliminate dependency.

    2. Self-sufficiency – Achieving or maintaining self-sufficiency including reduction or prevention or dependency.

    3. A) Preventing neglect, abuse, or exploitation – Preventing or remedying neglect, abuse or exploitation of children or adults unable to protect their own interests. B) Preserving families – Preserving, rehabilitating, or reuniting families.

    4. Community based care – Preventing or reducing inappropriate institutional; care by providing community based care, home based care, or other forms of less intensive care.

    5. Institutional Care – Securing referral or admission for institutional care when other forms of care are not appropriate or providing services to individuals in institutions.

ACJFS Provides Title XX Funding for The Following Programs:

  • Adult Protective Services

  • Guardianship

  • Home Delivered Meals

  • Home Health Aides

  • Information and Referral Services

  • Legal Services

  • Nursing Assessments

  • Residential Treatment Services

  • Transportation Services

For more information regarding the above mentioned programs, please contact Laurie Taggart, Social Services Program Administrator, at (440) 994-1265 or local residents may dial 211 for information and referral.

Veteran Services

Veteran Services

Who to contact for assistance with VETERANS!!!


If you come across a veteran in need, please contact the following in order…

  1. National Call Center for Homeless Veterans 24/7  (877) 424-3838

  2. Veterans Crisis Line  (800) 273-8255 Press #1

  3. Louis Stokes VA Medical Center, Wade Park  (216) 791-3800

  4. Ashtabula County Veterans Services Commission  (440) 964-8324

Information for Ashtabula County Veterans

  • General VA Benefits Info: Call (800) 827-1000 or visit VA website at

  • VA Health Benefits: Different Priority Groups of Eligibility- To enroll, go to and follow link on right for the VA Form 10-10EZ. You can apply online, or take the form to your nearest VA facility:

    • Ashtabula County VA Clinic: 2044 Lambros Lane, Ashtabula (866) 463-0912

    • Lake County VA Clinic: 35000 Kaiser Court, Willoughby (440) 269-4600

    • Ravenna VA Clinic: 6751 N. Chestnut St, Ravenna (330) 296-3641

    • Warren VA Clinic: 1460 Tod Ave. NW, Warren (330) 392-0311

    • Wade Park Hospital: 10701 East Blvd, Cleveland (216) 791-3800

  • Geauga Co. Veteran Service Commission: 470 Center St. Bldg. 8-A, Chardon, OH (440) 279-1860  - offers assistance on veteran benefits, VA service-connected claim work, and temporary financial assistance


How to get a copy of your DD214: contact the veteran service commission or visit vet records at and follow directions.


Additional resources can be found at:


Veterans Priority of Service

Priority of Service means, with respect to any qualified job training program, that a covered person shall be given priority over a non-covered person for the receipt of employment training and placement services provided under the program. Priority means the right to take precedence over non-covered persons in obtaining services. Veteran priority of service is federally mandated and includes Wagner-Peyser, Senior Community Service Employment, Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act, National Emergency Grant, Trade Adjustment Assistance, and other programs.


For more information on priority of service, please review Priority Access to Services for the Northeast Ohio Consortium Council of Governments Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act Policy C-08.

Priority of Service for Veterans and Eligible Spouses

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