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Ashtabula County Transportation System

Featuring "Point Deviation" Service







Point Deviation Service
Point Deviation means that the bus will be at “stops” or points at the scheduled times but may go off the route between stops to pick up passengers in nearby areas. Routes are designed to provide safe, convenient service to all passengers, including, those with disabilities.

1.  Please board at one of the scheduled stops or flagging down the driver along the route is permissible. (Refer to the schedule for times and bus stop locations.) The times listed are the earliest departure times. Please be ready at the time listed but allow at least 10 minutes due to deviations and wheelchair lift use.


2. Call ACTS at (440) 992-4411 or toll free at (800) 445-4140 if you would like the bus to pick you up closer to your home. The bus cannot deviate more than two (2) blocks off the route.


Outside the Service Route?
For transportation outside the Ashtabula Service Route area call ACTS to arrange a Demand Response (door-to-door) ride. Please note that advanced notice is required of at least one day. Same day request can be accommodated if space permits.


Hours of Operation
Service Route Hours: 7:00 am – 5:00 pm, Monday – Saturday
Demand Response Hours: 7:00 am – 5:00 pm, Monday – Friday

**ACTS will be closed on the following holidays:

New Years Day                                         Labor Day

Martin Luther King Jr. Day                      Columbus Day

President's Day                                        Veterans Day

Memorial Day                                           Thanksgiving Day

Juneteenth                                                Christmas Day

Independence Day

Transfer Point
North Park; at the corner of Main Avenue and West 44th St.

Ohio Relay Service for TTY/TDD users: (800) 750-0750

*Other accessible formats of the bus schedules are available upon request to assist individuals with disabilities.


For scheduling and advance ticket purchases:
Contact: (440) 992-4411 or (800) 445-4140
Location: Ashtabula County Transportation System (ACTS)
425 West 24th St.
Ashtabula, OH 44004

Ashtabula County Job & Family Services currently utilize five transportation services to support the needs of the county.

  • ACTS, Richmond Transportation, Sunset Transportation, Country Neighbor Transportation, and City Cab. 

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT)

What transportation services are offered for recipients of public assistance?

  • The Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) Program provides rides to and from medical appointments.

  • The OWF Cash Assistance Program provides certain OWF Cash Assistance recipients rides to and from work sites.


Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT)


If I receive Medicaid through an HMO, can I still qualify for the NEMT Program?


Who is eligible to receive NEMT?

  • All Medicaid recipients

How does the program work?

  • ACJFS opens a NEMT case for Medicaid recipients in need of transportation assistance.

  • Eligibility for transportation services are determined by the ACJFS Transit staff.

  • ALL NEMT rides require 48 hours’ notice

What types of appointments can I get transportation assistance for?

  • Medicaid appointments ONLY


Is there any limit to the number of times I can use the NEMT Program?

  • No

How do I apply for the NEMT Program?

  • Call the ACJFS Transportation Department at (440) 994-1220 or (800) 935-0242, option 6.

OWF Transportation
Transportation Home

OWF  - Cash Assistance and Transportation

Who is eligible to receive transportation services through the OWF Cash Assistance Program?

  • Only those recipients of OWF Cash Assistance who are required to travel to and from a Work Experience Program (WEP) or a JOBS Program worksite

What types of transportation assistance are available through this program?

  • Bus tickets

  • $50 monthly travel allowance (issued in conjunction with OWF monthly benefit allotment)

How do I find more information about this program?

  • If you receive OWF Cash Assistance and have questions about this program, call your ESC/JOBS Worker or the ACJFS Call Center at (800) 935-0242, option 6.

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